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Heellllloooooo? Anybody Home?

Whoa, what happened.  We turned into that creepy house on the corner in your neighborhood growing up that your mom told you to avoid.  “Why, Mom?” you might ask.  Well, there’s the massive infiltration of spam comments.  We’ve had everybody from professional term paper writers to adult service providers to private investigators dropping a line on CubicleGM.  That wasn’t really our “target audience.”  Time to pull out the old weed whacker.

Let’s start with an explanation.  Those of you who used to read this website know that we tried our best to be at least mildly entertaining.  Then a few things happened.  The snowball started when we lost two great writers to ESPN and The Washington Post.  It was literally part of their contracts that they could not write for us.  So that was a blow.

Then I started graduate school, Mickey switched jobs, Gideon got too important, and who knows what Smokey decided to do with his life.  And as a result, we have not posted a single thought in nearly a year, all the while adding advertisements for sports merchandise and gambling and all sorts of garbage.  I’m sorry for that.  For those 50 or so people who still come to this website every day, minus the 47 who are spammers, I apologize for our disappearance.

That said, I’m exploring a site relaunch.  I will be posting periodically, if you are interested.  But more importantly, if you want to write, and work for such a previously-esteemed blog as this one, send me an email (cubiclegm [@] cubiclegm [.] com).  I can promise you complete freedom in what you want to write, as long as you appeal to the 20- or 30-something crowd that remains stuck in a cubicle somewhere.  Happy also to share any advertising revenue with you.  Who knows.  We have a track record as a platform for aspiring journalists as well as bums living in New York and L.A.  One of these paths could be yours.

Otherwise, stay tuned.  After about two emails requesting that we start again, I am entertaining the possibility.


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  1. Commish says:

    I’ll throw something together but I still owe Mickey and Joey $20. Can I paypal???? I have a column idea that’s been bouncing around in my head for some time

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