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Weak Side Late Assignment: The Rest of You Are Fools

Whoa, CubicleGM still exists.  I almost forgot.  Hopefully you haven’t gone too far.  Like Gideon, I returned from the halfway glorious, halfway downright out-of-control city of New Orleans yesterday after about seven separate flight cancellations on U.S. Airways, my new favorite for least favorite company in America.  The interesting part is that we didn’t intend to spend the Super Bowl in NOLA – after long debate, far before we knew who would be playing, we decided (10ish of us) to get back to our respective cities early Sunday, before the game.

So There We Were - (Gun) Shots Flying

Snowmaggeddon I changed all of that.  For the better, ultimately.  We learned early Sunday that our flight was canceled, changed it to early Monday, headed to the French Quarter, learned that Monday’s flight was canceled, changed it to Monday afternoon, almost got hit with a Molotov cocktail, learned that Monday afternoon’s flight was canceled, switched it to Tuesday, then eventually flew standby on a Tuesday flight at 6am.

With the Tuesday flight, we successfully threaded the needle before Snowmaggeddon II, currently in progress.

First, completely agree with Gideon’s assessment on history/culture/absurdity combo versus strip mall/absurdity combo in New Orleans versus Las Vegas.  I happened to be in Vegas during the weekend prior to the Super Bowl.  I’ll take it one step further, though.

Vegas is amateur hour – it’s like the New Year’s Eve of cities.  Take a ton of people who don’t have more than a drink or two on any night of the year, and give them a limitless bottle of fake Grey Goose and several dozen checks written to themselves that may or may not bounce long after the cash is handed over.  In the morning, if you’re up, the whole city has the shakes.

New Orleans, comparatively, is the random Tuesday night (check that, afternoon) with a six-pack of cities.  People literally are dressed in suits, drinking at lunch.  I witnessed it.  These people are professionals.  I mean, you walk down the street on say, a Saturday afternoon, and dozens of people aren’t even giving the courtesy of a paper bag.  They don’t have to: each one and his or her matching Huge Ass Beer cup can be (and are) swaying in the clear of day, after day, after day…

As a result, we were more than happy to have a few flights canceled and get the opportunity to stay in NOLA for a few more days.  I mean, amongst cities of teams playing in the Super Bowl, it could be a helluva lot worse.  Think of getting stranded in Buffalo in the early 1990s in January.  Or Green Bay in 1996.  Indianapolis in 2006.  Yes, Gideon, even Baltimore in 2000.  Sure, you could find a bar and wait it out, but no other NFL city could match getting stuck with a taxi to Bourbon Street being all the planning required.

Second, I would like to call out all other CubicleGM authors.  First, please visit this post, our first NFL Power Rankings.  This was before I stopped sending my entry.  Second, please visit this subsequent post, specifically the part where Mickey calls me an idiot.  How about them apples.

Third, no matter what the comparative nationwide passion associated with one team over another, it’s always difficult to root for a team that’s not your own.  I’m a Redskins fan.  I just had a hard time jumping up and down on the pick-6 (a very rare mistake for Mr. Peyton, by the way, who usually misses deep in tough coverage).  Not that I wasn’t excited for the Saints – I was, and am – but I just couldn’t start jumping up and down for a team that I haven’t been a part of before.  All I could really do was chant “Who Dat?” at random times throughout the weekend and during the game.

Finally, Gregg Williams has let things run a little ragged since his time in Washington, huh?  Personally, that is.  It look like he was wearing a Michelin around his waist on Sunday night, although I couldn’t help but wish he was still in DC.

Seriously, read the links above.  Happy Snowmaggeddon/Snow-A-Pallooza/Snowcalypse.


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