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NFL Power Rankings – Week 6

Welcome to the Week 6 edition of the Cubicle GM NFL Power Rankings.  Every Tuesday you can look forward to our

The Giants are chasing the Saints for the top spot

The Giants are chasing the Saints for the top spot

composite rankings, as well as a bit of brief insight and analysis about each of the 32 teams.

The rankings are determined by taking the average of each of the contributors here at The Cube.  For Week 6, we have rankings from five members of the Cubicle GM team, including me, Gideon, Mickey, Walker and Smokey.  So remember, if you disagree with some portion of our rankings, be sure to check the individual rankings to find the culprit.

The top five spots in the rankings mirror the NFL standings, as the five remaining undefeated teams are at the head of the class.  The Saints remain at the top, but have the Giants close on their heels, trailing by an average rank of just 0.20.

Undefeated Denver jumped five spots after their defeat of the New England Patriots, who fell two spots as a result.  The Ravens and Jets, just as they did last week, each dropped four spots after their second consecutive loss, this time dropping Rex Ryan’s Jets out of the Top 10.

The bottom of the rankings remained unanimous, as all of us voted the St. Louis Rams as the No. 32 team after their fifth straight loss to open the season. In fact, the entire bottom five stayed the same, as Cleveland was not given much credit for their ugly victory over Buffalo, who not surprisingly fell five spots to No. 27.

This week’s games featured a few shockers, including victories by Denver, Cincinnati, Miami and the blowout win by Atlanta.  As a result, there were quite a few jumps in the ranks this week. Twelve teams moved at least three spots up or down the ranks, with Denver, Cinci and Seattle each moving up at least five places.

The Bills were the biggest downward mover, dropping five places.  The next biggest drops came from the previously mentioned Ravens and Jets, as well as Jacksonville, who also fell four spots after being shut out by Seattle.

While many teams were jumping all over the rankings, the disagreements between the contributors in the ranks dropped to almost nothing, potentially as a result of Joey’s absence this week.  Last week 14 teams saw a gap of seven or more spots in their ranks, this week there were just two, with just one in double digits.

Cincinnati Bengals (10) – Walker 6, Gideon 16

Pittsburgh Steelers (7) – Smokey 6, Jacob 13

Washington Redskins (6) – Mickey 23, Walker 29

Cleveland Browns (6) – Walker 24, Gideon 30

On the divisional side, the NFC East continues leads the way with the Giants and Eagles in the Top 10, coming in with an average score of 8.40.  Coming in second was the AFC North with a score of 14.17, despite the Bengals defeat of the Ravens.  At the bottom, the NFC West cannot escape the putridity of the Rams, checking in with a 21.70 average rank, followed by the NFC South with a 20.35 average despite retaining the No. 1 Saints.

As a reminder, you can check out all the backup data here.  Without further ado, onto the rankings.  As always, last week’s ranks are in parentheses.

1.  New Orleans Saints (1) – The undefeated Saints face the undefeated Giants in a potential NFC No. 1 seed tiebreaker next week.

2. New York Giants (2) – The G-Men could have beaten the Raiders with Tom Coughlin at QB.  Next week at New Orleans will be a bit tougher.

3. Indianapolis Colts (3) – This could be Peyton Manning’s best season yet.

4. Minnesota Vikings (4) – It’s fun to play the Rams.  The Vikings improved to 5-0 thanks to some key turnovers.

5. Denver Broncos (10) – Don’t look now, but the Broncos already have a 2.5 game lead in the AFC West.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (9) – Welcome back Donovan McNabb.  16-for-21, 264 yards and 3 scores isn’t bad after missing the last two games.

7. New England Patriots (5) – The Pats allowed a 300-yard passer for the first time this season in their OT loss to the Broncos.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (7) – The Steelers improve to 3-2, but do it by just barely squeaking by the Lions.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (15) – The Bengals might be for real.  All five of their games have been decided by seven points or less, four of them wins.

10.  Baltimore Ravens (6) – After looking great in the first half, the Ravens D broke down in the final two minutes at home in their loss to Cincinnati.

11. Atlanta Falcons (11) – There’s Roddy White!  The Falcons WR eclipsed his season total in receiving yards in the win over SF.

12. New York Jets (8) – The Jets were wildcatted by the Dolphins, but have to be encouraged by the play of Braylon Edwards.

13. Chicago Bears (16) – The 3-1 Bears gained three spots without playing a game, jumping ahead of the 2-2 Packers in the process.

14. Green Bay Packers (14) –Three of the Packers’ next four opponents have combined for exactly two wins so far this season.

15. San Diego Chargers (12) –The Chargers cannot afford a loss to the Broncos on Monday Night Football this week if they want to remain in the AFC West division race.

16. San Francisco 49ers (13) – The 49ers are hoping that Frank Gore can return after their bye next week, as he was missed in the blowout loss to Atlanta.

17. Dallas Cowboys (17) – Tony Romo and company escape another embarrassing loss by pulling out a win in overtime thanks to a huge day from Miles Austin.

18. Miami Dolphins (21) – Miami has run its way to two straight wins, but faces New Orleans, the Jets and New England after their bye week.

19. Arizona Cardinals (18) – Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald rekindled some of that 2008 magic in a win over Houston.

20. Seattle Seahawks (25) – Like the Eagles 14 spots above them, the Seahawks welcomed their injured QB back in the form of a big win.

21. Houston Texans (20) – Another game, another loss at the 1-yard line for the Texans.

22. Carolina Panthers (24) – The Panthers will take their first win of the season, even if it did come against the Redskins.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars (19) – The Jaguars looked more like their opponent from last week in a blowout loss to the Seahawks.

24. Tennessee Titans (23) – Doesn’t look like the bye week did the Titans any good, as they failed to find the end zone against the Colts.

25. Washington Redskins (26) – Every team Washington has faced this year has been winless at the time.  After KC next week that trend ends abruptly.

26. Detroit Lions (27) – The Lions put up a valiant effort against the defending champs, but fell just short after losing Calvin Johnson to injury.

27.  Buffalo Bills (22) – You can officially remove all Bills players from your fantasy lineups after they only managed 3 points against Cleveland.

28. Cleveland Browns (28) – It’s not often you see a team win when their QB completes just one pass in the first half.  And then just one more in the second.  Wow.

29.  Kansas City Chiefs (30) – The Chiefs scored on 4th down with under a minute to tie the game, only to fall for a 5th straight time to start the season.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (31) – Kellen Winslow has been an excellent addition, with 4 TDs, including 2 in the loss to Philadelphia.

31. Oakland Raiders (29) – The Raiders were outgained by Eli Manning on Sunday, who was taken out of the game in the 2nd quarter.

32. St. Louis Rams (32) – Still trying to think of something positive.


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